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Mindfulness & Relaxation

Learn How to Unleash the Power of Mind over Matter

Meditation (Yoga) has long been acknowledged by the eastern cultures for its healing powers for over 5000 years. However, many recent studies by scientists have shown scientifically the connection between mindful meditation and its restorative healing powers on the human body and mind. It is the art of living in this very moment. Keeping the body calm during the meditation helps create deep, profound, long lasting changes in the body and mind. At the same time increasing your strength, muscle tone and energy levels. In our modern day, often hectic lifestyles, we rarely take the time to be present and enjoy the moment we live in now.

Learning meditation is like learning any physical exercise which leads you to behavior change, insight awareness, relaxation and self-reflection. It helps you into a deeply relaxed state where the judgmental part of the mind is bypassed, allowing you to be your own observer of your thoughts and emotions even without addressing the specific issues you may have. We teach how to be fully aware by using breathing techniques to release stress, anxiety and depression. We train our clients in: hatha yoga, meditation yoga, laughter yoga and brain yoga.

Laughter Yoga

Laughter Yoga was developed in Mumbai, India in 1995 by Dr. Madan Kataria, a qualified Medical Doctor and his wife Madhuri, a yoga teacher. Dr. Kataria recognised that people were laughing less, were more stressed and less playful, and that laughter had significant health benefits. Dr. and Madhuri Kataria have since travelled many countries to teach Laughter Yoga and CJ has learnt this technique in India directly. There are now over 6,000 Laughter Clubs around the world in 70 counties. Laughter Yoga is a group session of aerobic activity which turns fake laughter into real laughter. It consists of hand-clapping rhythms, breathing exercises from Yoga, and playful laughter exercises. The brain cannot differentiate between fake laughter and genuine laughter, and provides the benefits of laughter anyway. In a group, laughter becomes contagious and the participants gain the benefits, which are well researched.

Laughter is one of the most cost-effective remedies for stress reduction, boosting the immune system and contributing   to health and wellbeing.”

Some of the evidence based benefits of Yoga are:  

      • Boost immunity
      • Anger management
      • Increase self-esteem and confidence
      • Reduces Stress, Anxiety and Depression
      • Increase in the quality and quantity of sleep
      • Releases endorphins which help us feel good
      • Provides aerobic exercise and increases oxygen supply to the brain
      • Enhances relationships, wellbeing and productivity in the workplace
      • Lowers blood pressure and produces a feeling of relaxation and wellbeing
      • Laughter contributes to our resilience – the ability to bounce back from daily stress
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