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The fees will vary and you should check these with the psychologist before commencing your treatment. The cost you pay will vary depending on the length of the session and the fee being charged by the psychologist. Medicare offer rebates for clients who are referred by a GP (doctor), psychiatrist or pediatrician under a Mental Health Care Plan. With us Medicare items may be bulked billed (conditions apply: for clients who are unemployed or facing financial hardship); hence these clients don’t pay anything from their pocket at Oz Counseling & Psychological Services. The main reason in providing psychological treatment to these clients at Medicare rates is to help the most disadvantaged and vulnerable people in our community who cannot afford psychological treatments and suffer without getting any treatment. Medicare only offers 10 individual sessions per calendar year and up to 10 group therapy sessions, where appropriate. After six sessions you will need to see your GP again to re-evaluate whether the additional four sessions are required. The Australian Psychological Society’s recommended fee for private practice is $300 per 45-60 minutes session until 30 June 2024. Please note all fees are payable at the time of consultation or as agreed by the psychologist. The responsibility of paying for the treatment is always with the client. Psychological treatment for all Motor Vehicle Accidents/Personal Injury cases/Worker Compensation are charged as per the APS recommended fee and will not be charged under Medicare system.  

It is always the responsibility of the client to find out about their eligibility and payment for any claim/fees. Medicare/Private Health Funds have their terms and conditions for psychological fees under the Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS). A client can only claim Medicare/Private Health Fund’s benefits if they are a Medicare/Private Health Fund’s member and if the item numbers are as per their requirements. Medicare item numbers are only used as reference and they may not be applicable if a client is clamming from a Private Health insurance.  Professional attendances at places other than consulting rooms can be provided where treatment in other environments is necessary to achieve therapeutic outcomes.

1. Recommended Fee Flyer 1 July 2023 until 30 June 2024

2. APS Schedule of recommended fees and item numbers for psychological services.

3. Medicare and psychologist services( especially the ‘Better Access to mental health Care: Medicare funded services’)

Private Health Insurance

Most of the private health funds in Australia offer rebates on psychological services if referred by a GP (doctor), psychiatrist or pediatrician. Rebates will vary depending on your level of cover. Please note you cannot use your private health insurance to top up the Medicare rebates for our services. You can either use your Medicare or your private health cover to pay for the psychological services.  We do not accept private health insurance, and will not call, write or fax insurance companies on our client’s behalf for any claim. Rather, we provide information to the client, such as an itemized tax invoice, that the client may forward to an insurance company. The client must request this information directly as we will not respond to requests by any insurance companies to maintain our client’s confidentiality.


Psychological Reports for purposes other than Medicare for example writing to a legal representative, insurer or workplace may be provided on a request. This will attract an additional fees payable by the client depending on the nature and the length of the report required. Insurance companies set the rules for refund, and we cannot provide any assurance that psychological testing/report writing services will be covered by your insurance. Most insurance companies do not cover psychological testing/report writing, and the few that do will typically only refund a portion of the costs and may require pre-authorization and a referral from a primary care physician. Insurance companies will only refund if they deem that the services are medically necessary. All psychological report’s fees are prepaid and will be as per the APS Schedule of recommended fees and item numbers for psychological services.

Cancellation Policy

If you have booked an appointment with us, it is valuable, keep it, cancel it, but don’t miss it. If you need to reschedule or cancel your appointment, please contact us at least 24 hours before your appointment time. Missed appointments without sufficient notice will result in you being charged a full fee.

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